Black background slide

I like to use black-background slides in my presentation. I often used other dark colours in my recent presentation slides. I was surprised that someone does not like to use colours in background. It is anyway a matter of personal choice though.

I think black background is particularly good to emphasise the point I want to deliver to audience. Look at the black version below. For me, it delivers the text ver clearly yet the slide feels very comfortable.

Black background

And look at the white version. Not bad, but the slide feels something is empty. It just looks like a slide missing something. I think the white background is more suitable when the slide is fairly full with contents.

White background

Two months ago, I was lucky that I could use the dark template for the group marketing project. I got the privilege to design the presentation slides at the cost of doing majority of researches and making many slides. In the project my group is working for, I probably have to make a compromise to use a white version.

But I am happy that I found 5 good reasons why black is the new white.


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